Guest Blogging Guidelines

Guest Blogging Guidelines for:

  • Susan Edwards-Myth, Magic & Wonder (Historical Romance, Historical Paranormal Romance)
  • Sydney St. Claire-Erotica Romance
  • The Serious Series Writer-Themed for writers and writing

Instead of one blog dealing with so much diversity, I’ve redesigned my two author named blogs and added another for writing related content.

Susan ( note that this site is being revamped) will feature the following:

  • Historical related content: articles, links and information readers will be interested in. Tie in your journey in writing that book with what you learned or had to learn to do said writing.
  • Promotion posts for Historical and Paranormal Romance. Contemporary or Suspense can also be posted here, as Susan will add contemporary to her portfolio someday!
  • Some DIY features or project related posts can also be used—even a link to a project, and if you can tie it in with your book or a historical significance, all the better. (example: history of Aspirin, making your own soap, herbals, etc. with appropriate warnings if needed)
  • Scheduled days are Tuesdays. Not set in stone

Sydney (  ‎will feature the following:

  • Erotica related content: articles, links, and information—all tasteful and non-offensive. Feel free to tie in something about your process or something you enjoyed about the book you are promotion. Make your posts educational or fun. Include any warnings needed (like don’t try this at home) If you cross genres, you can include how erotica played a part in history, or if you have shape shifters, tie that in.
  • All Erotica promotional posts. Some R-rated is okay but if your excerpts are PG-13 that is better.
  • Schedule days are Mondays. Not set in stone.

The Serious Series Blog ( will feature the following:

  • Articles on writing, publishing, marketing, promotional, motivational, links, fun, etc. I’ll have some themed months, like A Writer’s Life, Writer’s Block, Writer’s Health, etc.
  • Author’s promotional posts at the end of the article for any genre. PG 13 rating.
  • Scheduled days are Thursdays & Saturdays if needed. Not set in stone.

Post/Blog Guidelines.

Posts must offer value. Choose which blog you’d like and tailor your blog post to fit. No one wants to read straight promotional ‘buy my book’ posts. Yes, they are the quickest to do but also the least effective for time spent. Even interviews get old.

Consider adding a “something about me” to follow your article. Answer a few ‘interview’ questions, ones you think your readers (and mine) will find interesting or amusing or entertaining. Tell us something unique to you that readers would find fascinating and of value. The more you can draw the reader in, the better chance they will share your post with others which is the whole point of blogging. You want exposure.

Of course, no controversial topics, soapbox or politics or religion unless in a research context.

To Book a spot:

  • Contact Susan at
  • Put your name and Blog Guest in the subject.
  • Let me know which blog, and which month/day you are looking for.

Include any or all of the following with your article/interview in a Word file with all date included. Images must be attached separately. If you want to include images to show where they go, that’s fine. Do not use images you do not have the right to use.

  • Article or post of approx. 300-500 words minimum, longer okay. If it’s too long we can cover two days
  • Short Bio, photo and even a few interview questions
  • A couple of Tweets for me and others to share
  • Website/contact/blog/social media/trailer links
  • A short excerpt (reasonable length, not an entire chapter <g>) that is suitable for all readers and ages, except for the Sydney blog—more leeway there. Although my blogs are set for adults, we want readers across all boards to visit, comment and subscribe and feel comfortable with the main page.
  • Link your excerpt (read more) to your website or include a ‘read the first chapter’ link. You want readers to go to your website and sign up on your mailing list.
  • Optional depending the length of your post: A bit about your story, the history or idea behind it
  • Book cover and release date and buy links
  • Meta Tags you’d like me to use
  • Contest and images if applicable
  • File and images must be to me 10 days before your postdate. If you need to send buy links closer, just let me know.

Promoting your Post

  • Be prepared to promote your post. I’ll do what I can with the Wild Rose Loops, Twitter, and Facebook but it’s your post, your promo, your day.

Please follow up with comments to those who leave feedback/comments.

I look forward to hosting you and your book!


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