White Series

When I first started writing White Wind I had no idea that I would end up writing an entire series based on Sarah and Golden Eagle but something about this family demanded more from me. Truthfully, once I started writing the second book, White Wolf, I was hooked. This courageous and spirited family had me hooked and I’ve loved sharing every moment with each and every character and their world. I love this series and am constantly asked for information on new upcoming books. For those of my readers who love this series as much as I do, be patient. I am currently planning several new books. Check back for upcoming news.

Currently, this series is only available in digital format as the original publisher went out of business. Print books can be found through used book resources or Ebay.

The books are currently available through Carina Press with exception of White Christmas which available through Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.   Smashwords offers many other formats. It’s also available at other E sites like Kobo, Sony, IBooks, etc. White Christmas  may be released by a new publisher and be available in both print and digitally. News to follow

For more information on Susan’s White Series, along with excerpts, check out her website http://susanedwards.com

White Series Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

One question I am asked is which order to read my White Series. There are two suggested ways to enjoy this series: by release date or by timeline.

This is my recommended reading order: by timeline.

  • White Dawn
  • White Dusk
  • White Shadows – These three books are prequels to White Wind.
  • White Wind
  • White Wolf
  • White Nights – Chronologically, White Nights Follows White Wolf as the cast continues on the Oregon Trail.
  • White Flame – Takes place at the  same time as White Nights with the rest of the White Series Cast of Characters
  • White Dreams – Chronologically, White Dreams follows White Flame
  • White Dove
  • White Deception
  • White Vengeance
  • White Christmas–Out Dec 2013


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